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Forbo Tessera Barcode Loop Pile Carpet Tile: Colour 302 border line £23.29 + VAT Per Sq Mtr


Product information

Buy Forbo Tessera Barcode Loop Pile 100% Alto chroma polyamide Carpet Tile: 
Colour 302 border line from the Carpet Tiles Shop based in Milton Keynes.

Barcode challenges the uniformity and rigidity of conventional linear low level loop pile tiles and, with its confident bands of contrasting colours in varying widths, delivers a more eclectic and exuberant lookthat is right on trend for today’s commercial environments.

Barcode is offered in 18 colourways, each featuring five individual tonal and contrasting shades drawing from the latest colour palette of solution dyed yarns, carefully selected and blended to harmonise with a wide range of interior design schemes.

Barcode can be laid in a variety of styles including brick, tessellated, quarter-turn or the quirky alternative, quarter-brick, to create a range of different aesthetic effects.

Description: Tufted low level loop pile carpet tile

Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm 

Total thickness: 6mm ± 10%

Pile height: 3mm ± 0.5mm

Application EN 1307: Class 33, Suitable for any type of heavy contract application

Pile composition: 100% Alto chroma polyamide

Dye method: 100% solution dyed

Primary backing: Polyester

Secondary backing: Modified bitumen and polyester fleece

Guarantee: Barcode carpet tiles are guaranteed for 10 years under heavy contract conditions provided that they have been professionally fitted by a recognised contractor and regularly maintained in accordance with the Forbo requirements currently in force.*

Installation method: Brick, quarter turn, tessellated or quarter-brick

*Terms & Conditions Are Set By The Manufacturer

Technical specifications

Condition: New