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Heckmondwike FB flooring is built to last, however the method of installation and maintenance is crucial. No matter the range of carpet tiles you are buying the Heckmondwike instructions for installation and cleaning are simple and easy to understand.

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Cleaning & Maintenance

General Cleaning

Daily vacuuming is recommended to keep your carpet looking great
Daily vacuum cleaning with a twin motored upright vacuum cleaner, such as a Sebo, preferably with an adjustable head, is recommended.
Please note that Heckmondwike’s fibre bonded carpets can be vacuumed immediately after installation.
It is essential to remove all loose soil daily because if left to build up, the particles of dirt are much harder to remove and are more damaging to the fibre structure, thereby decreasing the life of the carpet.
Attention should be given to areas where there is extra traffic and in entrances to buildings where extra vacuuming is necessary.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning should be part of your maintenance schedule
The carpet should be periodically deep cleaned by hot water extraction using a good quality carpet detergent, such as Granwax High Performance Carpet Shampoo.
Trained cleaning staff or a reputable contract cleaner should be used, preferably members of the National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA). 
It is important that the carpet is deep cleaned at least once a year, depending on traffic levels. In certain circumstances, for instance excessively stained carpet, Granwax High Performance Pre-treatment may be required; alternatively, the cleaning professional may consider a combination of rotary brush and extraction equipment to give improved results.
Rotary brush cleaning by itself is not recommended.

Stain Removal

It is essential to deal with spillages immediately
Immediately blot with a clean absorbent cloth.
If any further stain remains or has otherwise been allowed to dry, the method will vary accordingly.
If stains are not dealt with immediately, the type of stain may not be able to be identified.
Most stains can be successfully dealt with by the use of either a good quality multi-purpose stain remover, such as Granwax Ezee Spot and Stain Remover or a solvent based cleaner, such as Prochem Solvall.
Wherever possible, our recommendations should be strictly followed.
Stains left over a period of time become increasingly difficult to remove and may require several treatments.
In all cases after stain removal the carpet should be allowed to dry completely and then cleaned with a twin motored upright vacuum cleaner.
Solvent cleaning of bitumen backed tiles should preferably be avoided. Where this is not possible, extra caution should be taken and only very light surface cleaning should take place.

Heckmondwike Complete Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Guide